Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Recently I have been wasting my time giving kanji names to British place names.  

Of course, the first one is that holy place Newcastle, which has been very easy to translate: New + Castle and you get: 新城, shin-jô.

Here are some other places. If, like me, you have time to waste (and, I suppose, decent kanji knowledge) try to work out where I meant with these babies (I should definitely write cryptic crosswords):

倫豚                                                   easiest, so I’m not giving the readings
男胸者        だんきょうしゃ
肝臓池        かんぞういけ
来橋                      らいきょう                           lovely sound, fitting kanji
牛浅瀬               ぎゅうあさせ                       opposite of the above
船体                     せんたい
露埋                      ろうまい                               hard (think of Henry)

Answers on a postcard (or as comments) and all will be revealed soon enough!    

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