Sunday, 11 December 2011


Saturday was the annual Cambridge House 8th floor Christmas Party. It was a funny affair because we had a lot of money to spend on it (our substantial profits from the school festival, held in October or November) and yet were only allowed to invite a few people. The desk people downstairs do love giving directives, don’t they? The party had to end at 11 too.
Still, our two Japanese teachers came and lots of friends and students besides. There were many a steaky-kankoku-jin and even an Irishman.

My contribution to the preparations was to make a huge vat of mulled wine (god bless Kaldi coffee farm for its Star Anise and its ground cinnamon) which we kept warm on Little James’s nabe pot warm-keeping device.
Maddy-chan and Davido-san also (more blessings for Kaldi) managed to get some sweet mince and made mince pies. Now I’m not homesick at all!

They went down a treat, along with the wine, the shochu, the festive (red and green) onigiri, the umeshu, the calpishu and all of the other weird and wonderful things we put on offer. We danced, we drank and we merried, and not even the tannoy announcement (“Curisumasu paaateee blab la blab la blab la blab la blab la bla”) could dampen our spirits.


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