Monday, 10 October 2011

Seb's incredible tracksuit (and other tales from the Linden Hall Sports Day)

Today was the Linden Hall Sports Day. In truth, it was the every-school-in-Japan’s Sports Day too, but I went to the one at Linden Hall. In classic Linden Hall style, our attendance was compulsory but there was not a great deal for us to do. The super-keen among us went in early; the rest of us arrived at 9:30. I wore my England football strip while the rest were “asked” to wear some Linden Hall stash.

The kids were at their cutest: trying their damnedest, smiling the day away and being naughty but innocent. Though some of the events were a little martial for my liking, the day was sunny and enjoyed by most, so I can’t really object. Just like the kids, I got super-excited when it came to the parent/gaijin relay and was shouting for the blue team (I found it a little uncomfortable when they were shouting “White is best”, and “power to the whites”). I took photos on Davido-san’s camera which might yet be uploaded.

The day went without a hitch, except the moment when I accidentally called some one common (I said that he and Henry had a "common" accent as they're both from Leeds, meaning the same rather than plebian. Mais bon).

To celebrate the conclusion of a successful Sports Day (it’s a serious business over here, so much so that the past four days have been dedicated to nonstop rehearsal and the next two will be nonstop holiday!), the Chancellor of the University (whose family also owns Linden Hall and several hundred other schools across Japan) took us to a posh restaurant up a mountain (which by pure coincidence is the same mountain (Wakasugiyama) that I climbed yesterday.) It was a bit like a James Bond set: a modernist style hall with windows from the floor to the ceiling, unlimited wine (revolutionary) and other such booze and – très à la Japonaise – drunken falsetto singing.

Though the rest of the crew have gone out for more dreadful singing (Futsukaichi karaoke) I have opted to come home and write to you all: I’m getting up at 6:30 tomorrow as I’m teaching at 8 in Hakata! 

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