Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Futsukayo and Futsukaichi

On Sunday night, because Monday was a national holiday, we went on a big night out. The staff of the Linden Hall junior high school, and some from the elementary, wanted to take us out, and so took us to “Bali Bali” in Futsukaichi (Which, I think, means “Tuesday (or Second Day) market”). It’s a strange, supposedly Southeast Asian themed restaurant on the top floor of some building. But, oh holy of holies, it’s nomihodai: all you can drink!
This all you can drink was 3 000 yen (or maybe 1 200, I'm being told. Look, I was truly very inebriated) for two hours, but they made the silly mistake of offering us a third hour for 500 yen more. We were, it is safe to say, hammered. This is partially due to our naïve affection for umeshu, the plum wine that has captured our hearts, our livers and our wallets. Unfortunately, we’ve been told that it’s extremely easy to make at home, and thus were a thousand ambitions drowned in alcohol.
I am convinced that we could make millions importing the stuff to the UK. It’d be the sort of stuff that women of all ages would adore, and men of all ages would secretly adore: prizes for the best advertising slogan suggestion in the comments!
There was also a strem of atsukan, the term for hot what-white-people-call-sake. Although it’s often served in those tall porcelain flasks, it seems that the/another traditional way of serving it is in a glass in a square wooden box. The box catches the spillages and then you drink the dregs. Mmmmmm! So drunk!

We got lots of gossip from the staff, lots more booze then went to karaoke. Fortunately I was too drunk to continue and staggered out into the sub-tropical rain, did not explain to the taxi driver where I lived, then stumbled home from Asakuragaido-station. D’oh!


  1. you should be more careful being drunk all the time. it's not your hometown where you can find the way home without use of yours or anothers brain :)


    "Tell the driver in advance where you live. Enjoy"

  2. "The japanese way to hang over and out"

  3. 15% alcohol. 100% japanese way"