Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bienvenue à l'Académie Nipponçaise

I have mentioned before the depth of my love for poor Japanese English, Engrish as it is popularly known, those wonderful sentences that, though often perfectly accurate when evaluated against the rules of the English language, make little sense and are often wildly inappropriate. An oft quoted favourite - on a drinks bottle - is “Please enjoy sweet taste without reservation”.
[NB – as soon as I get access to a scanner, I have a corker of a leaflet coming for you!]

But it’s not just Engrish. It’s also what I call “Nipponçais”: garbled attempts at the language of Molière to garner an attempt at some élégance. Sometimes it’s right, often it’s wrong, but it’s always Japanterous (Japantéreux, I suppose) and the best examples figure below:

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